About Seo Workflows (SWF)

I'll keep this short and sweet.

I truly believe that there are massive areas of missed opportunity for clients due to shortcomings of traditional spreadsheet software and the amount of data processing that is in fact viable within software like Excel or Google Sheets.

Yes, there are some tweaks (e.g., Excel / Macros or Sheets / AppScript) but still, things slow down, crash, and make many types of analyses not worth the effort in many respects.

That's why I created SEO Workflows - with the core mission of:

Putting an end to manual data preparation and crashed spreadsheets in the SEO community.

While still a long way from meeting that goal, that is what this website aspires to become by having preset data processing methods to aggregate and clean the necessary data for SEO practitioners!

We'll handle the data preparation, so you can spend your time doing the analysis!

-Jason Melman (SEO Workflows Creator)

Free workflow tools and resources for the SEO community.