Authority Opportunities

Authority Opportunities

Designed to help SEO professionals identify strong page targets with low link authority, the Authority Opportunities tool is essential for enhancing site rankings. Users can import SEMRush keyword data and Ahrefs backlink ...

reports, specifically focusing on dofollow links. The tool requires CSV uploads for both site pages/keywords and backlinks, and provides options to exclude data based on minimum search volume (MSV) and brand-related terms.

This streamlined process involves downloading specific data, uploading it through an intuitive interface, setting exclusions, and submitting for analysis.

Tool Inputs:

  1. SEMRush Keywords Data (CSV): Upload CSV containing keyword data from SEMRush. Specific location in SEMRush to find the download is found in the "Instructions" tab of this page.
  2. Ahrefs Backlinks Data (CSV): Upload CSV with dofollow backlink data from Ahrefs. Specific location in Ahrefs to find the download is found in the "Instructions" tab of this page.
  3. Minimum Search Volume (MSV): Set a threshold to exclude keywords below a certain search volume.
  4. Brand Exclusion: Filter out keywords containing specified brand terms.


Please review the 'Instructions' tab on this page to receive detailed instructions on how to use this tool.

SEMRush Keywords Import
Upload Icon
Drag & drop or choose file.
Ahrefs Links Import (Only 'utf-8' CSVs)
Upload Icon
Drag & drop or choose file.
  • Navigate to
  • Individually input and download each of the desired domains into the search bar within SEMRush (1 by 1 unfortunately, somewhat tedious).
  • While you have to export 1 by 1, keep in mind that you can upload multiple domains at once into the SEO Workflows UI (e.g., you can drop 5 separate CSVs into the SEMRush CSV input - which sometimes can be helpful for extremely large scale sites given the SEMRush export row limits.
  • Click the 'Export' CTA on the bottom righthand side of the 'Organic Keywords Trend' and download as CSV files.
  • Either click on the dropzone or drag and drop files onto the dropzone.
  • Double check to ensure all the files have the .csv extension when adding!
  • MSV input will exclude all data less than this value. E.g., if you add 100, no keywords with less than 100 volume will be in output dataset.
  • Brand input will exclude all keywords that contain the word / phrase. E.g., '3q' would eliminate '3q / 3qdigital / 3q digital / etc...'

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